Positive Cycle Community Service (PCCS)

We provide individual care and support to vulnerable adults (18 to 65 years). We offer a range of services to clients with low to medium support needs, who would like help to maintain their own independence usually with in their own homes and out in the community. We support our client’s life choices through general prompting and drawing on their individual strengths. We have no timescale to our service therefore individuals can be supported by us for as long as you need or required it.

Supporting Your Journey Through Life

Positive Cycle Community Service (PCCS) is a specialist provider of outreach support and community access for individuals such as:

• Mental health needs

• Learning difficulties

• Hospital Leavers resettling back into the community

• Older People

• Autism / Asperger’s syndrome

• Multiple Complex needs

• Recovering from drug and alcohol misuse

• And much more

Our service offers a 'person centred' approach for people who may require help and assistance in all areas of daily life. We assist and support people to maintain their tenancies and accessing other local health and well-being services within their communities. We enable clients to remain living independently in their own homes, with the help, support and guidance of an experienced staff team. We offer ways of preventing homelessness by either resolving housing crisis and ensuring that one does not develop mental health issues and/or homelessness.

Ways We Can Help

• Support planning

• Maintaining home environment

• Accessing community services

• Motivation coaching

• Access to work/volunteering/education

• Hospital transitions

• Nutrition and meal planning

• Housing related support

• Finances and budgeting

• Confidence building

• Relationship building

• Emotional wellbeing support



Positive Cycle work to provide the best services for our clients and residents.  In accordance with the 2014 Care Act for all health and social care settings, we have embedded the six principles of safeguarding into our core values and work ethics.  These values then influence our policies and practice.

The six principles of safeguarding vulnerable adults are crucial when it comes to prevention and protecting our clients and residents:

1. Empowerment

Supporting and encouraging clients to make their own decisions and informed consent.

2. Prevention

Intervention and proactive action where necessary is taken before harm occurs.

3. Proportionality

The least intrusive response appropriate to the risk presented. 

4. Protection

Supporting and representing those in greatest need. 

5. Partnership

Local solutions through partnership working with communities.  We take responsibility, as part of the wider community, in preventing, detecting and reporting neglect and abuse.

6. Accountability 

We work in an open and honest way. Accountability and transparency is key to our safeguarding practices.

For more information please contact and make a referral through you Local Council or liaise through a Social Worker/ Probation Officer if this applies.
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Alternatively if you need further assistance please complete our office contact form or call us directly on 0117 3822 678.


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